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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  February 20, 2013 5:30am-6:00am PST

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>> the blade runner back in court. the bail hearing for the olympic and paralympic star, oscar pistorius. hello. this is al jazeera, live from doha. the bill gary and government resigned en masse -- the bulgarian government resigned en masse. gunfire as families begin to bury their dead in pakistan, but many are continuing their protests. ?s it a balloon, or is it a ufo we meet the next generation of cargo-carrying airships.
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the olympic and paralympic sprinter, oscar pistorius, is appearing in court for the second day of his bail hearing. toss accusers argue pistorius should face a charge of premeditated near -- prosecutors argued the story is should face a charge of the meditated murder. pistorius says the killing was an accident. our reporter is outside the court in pretoria. more incriminating evidence is coming out against pistorius, one of which is this issue about the trajectory of the bullets that were fired. could you tell us more? >> absolutely. this has all come out as part of the prosecution cost case. they are talking to the lead police investigator -- prosecution's case. they are talking to the lead police investigator. they believe that oscar
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pistorius had his prosthetic limbs on. there were four bulletholes in the door. they believe that he fired from an upright position, standing down upon reeva steenkamp. that is where the allegation has come from. >> there is a lot more evidence that is expected to come out. is there an expectation that this bail hearing will stretch onto beyond the current two days? it will stretch on for -- i don't think it will be over today. that is because of the really serious nature of the allegations being made by the police at this stage in the hearing. in the last hour, before they went into another recess, the defense launched another vigorous cross-examination of the police in an attempt to tear apart the prosecution's case.
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they called them up on several issues. the police said he did not call in emergency services. the defense argues that they did not check all the phones. they say they have evidence that oscar pistorius called, just one minute after, he called the doctor at the compound where he was living. they also say that this was not that this- his cell -- was a herbal remedy. there are a lot of questions being thrown up to the defense as to the comprehensive nature are not. >> thank you for talking with us from pretoria. moving on, bulgaria's government is to resign following days of protests on the streets. demonstrations against higher electricity prices and government cutbacks turned filing -- violent.
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25 people were taken to hospital. bulgaria, demonstrations against electricity prices have been gathering momentum. tens of thousands of people in the european union's poorest country are demanding the renationalization of power distributors. in a response on monday, prime minister boyko borisov sacrificed his finance minister. borisov also offered to cut electricity prices by 8%. the czech am funny that supplies their power is their license revoked. thatthe cezech company supplies their power is having their license revoked. >> the consequences would be catastrophic. >> despite his own dire warning, borisov and his government resigned. is the latest
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administration in europe to be forced out of office by a popular backlash against austerity measures and the high cost of living. electricity prices rose by 13% here last summer. all gary a's elections -- bulgaria's elections are four months away. some form of coalition government will run the country until then. >> in neighboring greece, workers have walked out in the nationwide protest against wage cuts and high taxes -- in a nationwide protest against wage cuts and high taxes. we are looking at live pictures out of athens. the 24-hour strike is forcing schools to close and leaves hospitals working with emergency staff. greece's two biggest labor unions, represent an half of the country workforce, called for the walkout. it comes just days before international lenders are due in athens to discuss the next installment of a bailout.
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spain's prime minister is due to give his annual state of the nation address to parliament. rajoy isjoy -- mariano likely to defend the measures they have been taken -- taking, and denial that he has been ta king payments. the. he forces have fought -- security forces have talked with protesters in quite a -- in quetta. many are defying calls to end their sit in protests. --y are demanding former demanding more protection for she is in government. -- for shias in government. >> have agreed to bury their dead. -- some have agreed to bury their dead. shortly after we arrive here, there was gunfire coming from
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all directions. we don't know who started firing, but we do know the security forces did respond. many people have started clearing from here. if you look down into the valley, you can see hundreds of people have gathered around the graves. you can probably see some flags in the distance. that is where those people who died in saturday's bombing are being buried. this situation is very tense. with shots fired, many people afraid, many people leaving. ,hese people who are there they are determined to bury their dead. however, they are still angry and still defiant. they want the government to do more. they want the military to come here to secure this place. a look just and -- balochistan and quetta is unpredictable, indeed. humanitarian crisis in syria is deepening at an alarming rate. it is described as a human
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tragedy unfolding before our eyes. 4 million people in the country are in desperate need of aid, nearly double the number of five months earlier. 800,000 people have left serious thee the -- syria since conflict began. for many of those left behind, death is a constant threat. the un believes more than 70,000 people have died in the conflict to date. >> a constant stream of refugees in a crisis that has lasted almost two years. it has now become a flood. people injured in the fighting are among those arriving here on the jordanian border. the un knew the numbers would go up, but officials are finding it hard to keep up with the scale of this crisis. the governments of jordan, turkey, and lebanon have all said they can barely cope with the numbers arriving. the un says the situation inside syria is even worse, a total of 4 million, out from a
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previous estimate of 2.5 million people, have been displaced from their homes and are in desperate need. >> we are watching a humanitarian tragedy unfold before our eyes. we must do all we can to reassure the people that we care and we will not let them down. >> the conference was held in kuwait to raise money for humanitarian assistance to syria. $1.5 billion was pledged, but only 20% has so far been received. in the three weeks since the conference, the situation on the ground has got so much worse. the number of refugees has been rising steadily. i the end of the first year of the crisis, -- by the end of the first year of the crisis in 2011, there were 2000. a year on, and the number has grown significantly -- had grown significantly. the alarming rise this year has exceeded all of the un's estimates. there are now more than 857,000
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refugees, a rise of 50% in just the last eight weeks. the un had come up with a worst- case scenario, 1.1 million refugees this year. however, the figures are now rising so fast, 5004 hundred refugees on average leaving syria every day, that it is onely that -- 5400 refugees average leaving syria every day, that number is likely to rise. the death toll is close to 70,000. the statistics are staggeringly grim. with think it could not get any worse. with a stalled and violence raging, there is no doubt it -- with diplomacy stalled and violence raging, there is no doubt it will. >> one of president assad's palaces has been hit by bombs. it happened in northwest damascus. no one was hurt. the building is rarely used by
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assad, but it is seen as a symbolic win for the rebels to for the next -- for the rebels. 30 the north, more than people were killed by what is believed to have been a scud missile strike here at 14 of the dead are children -- strike. 14 of the dead are children. a hospital was also hit by mortar. 31 hospitals have closed since the conflict began. cyber-spies. coming up, apple says it is the latest in a long list of countries to be hacked. >> hello and welcome back. as we take a look at the imagery, we have this area of low pressure, this frontal zone
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pushing down. it does allow fairly cold air to come in from the east. for the uk and parts of france, it is not looking very warm. next time some about 3 for london -- max temps fabout 3 for london and paris. , relatively quiet. some snow over the alpine regions. moscow, no higher than mine is 7 degrees -- than -7 degrees. fort more of a southerly parts of libya. for benghazi, a high of 23 degrees. in central parts of africa, some fairly heavy showers around the gulf of guinea, extending towards sierra leone and liberia. the heaviest of rain is certainly further south in africa, where we are expecting this tropical cyclone still to
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be exerting its influence across madagascar. some very heavy rain across south africa. 23 in ca
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>> hello. a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. olympic star oscar pistorius is appearing in court for the second day of his bail hearing. is accused of murder. prosecutors told the court nonstop shouting was heard before his girlfriend was shot dead. bulgaria's cover him and has resigned after a wave of protests. -- bulgaria's government has resigned after a wave of protests. in neighboring greece, workers have walked out in a nationwide
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protest against wage cuts and high taxes. the 24-hour strike is forcing schools to close and leaving hospitals working with emergency staff. tunisia is prime minister is stepping down after failing to form a new government -- tunisia's prime minister is stepping down after failing to form a new government. al jazeera is in tunis. >> prime minister hamadi jebali worked hard to form a government, but he failed to convince his own party and others to back his moves. so, he stepped down. however, jebali has left the door open for a future come back, saying that his -- he is ready to lead a national unity government, but only if his basic demands are met. >> the new government should have a clear program with a political ground that you devise -- that unifies all
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tunisians. what is important is to set a date for elections because forming a government is not the issue now. what is important is for our people and the outside world to have a clear vision as to when the constitution will be written and when elections will be held. >> the political crisis began on february 6, following the assassination of prominent opposition leader shokri belaid. the ruling and other parties were accused of being behind the killing. there were demands for the government to step down and for the parliament to be dissolved. determined to defuse tension, jebali offered to form a government of technocrats until new elections could be held. the move was welcomed by his political opponents, but his allies in the governing coalition refused to step aside. some even accused the
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opposition of trying to stage a de facto coup. they insisted the mandate only comes to an end when parliament calls for new elections. widely seen as a moderate, jebali is an instrumental figure in the party. he spent 16 years in jail, including 01 -- 10 in confinement during the rule of the former president. there is a consensus that he is most likely to head the national unity government. if appointed, he will have two weeks to appoint his ministers to parliament for approval. it will be a delicate mission for the man that many hope can tune -- can unite tunisians during the ongoing transitional period. >> malawi's government is set to auction off a cedar set. the current president has never used the plane since coming to
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office. the aircraft was brought under former leader -- the former leader, who died last year. the country cut aid -- countries cut aid to malawi after the purchase. trade unions across india have gone on strike, protesting against rising costs. governmenten the and union leaders broke down earlier this week. transport has shut down, forcing commuters to find alternate ways to work. the strike is expected to last two days. reddish prime minister david cameron has laid a wreath at the signed -- british prime minister david cameron has laid a wreath at the site of a massacre. hundreds of people were killed. --ctronic giant, apple, has
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electronic giant apple has become the latest victim of cyber crime. cyber criminals based in russia or eastern europe could be carrying out the attack. we have more. >> someone has been nibbling at apple, the iphone, ipod, and ipad maker says it has been hit in an attack against it and other companies today said, "we identified a small number of systems in apple that were infected and isolated them from our network." it comes less than a week since social media giant facebook revealed it was targeted last month in a sophisticated attack, identified as coming from china. the firm also says it failed to compromise you their data -- compromise user data. .he story made front-page news the cyber attack on apple comes within hours of a report by u.s. company -- by a u.s. company
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that points out -- points a finger at china. this is allegedly the building in shanghai that is believed to be at the center of the global hacking operation. the office is said to be occupied by a chinese military unit. the chinese government denies the accusations. experts say hacking is a way of gaining an advantage over countries that the chinese art keen to try -- are keen to try to outsmart. >> stealing valuable intellectual property, having some financial, proprietary information -- , in lash out politically some instances. >> the real worry is that the hackers turn your attention to delicate infrastructure, like oil refineries and power stations. online corporate security will
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need to be beefed-up even further if company files and customer safety are to be preserved. china's incoming president is promising to make the fight against corruption a centerpiece of his office. says moreng -- xi than 100,000 officials were caught out last year. 60 of those cases were at a senior level. the highest being the downfall of bo xilai. 155,000 investigations were launched after complaints from the public. much of the pressure is being applied through the internet. we report on the chinese watchdog -- on the government watchdog forcing them to act. a government run
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complaints office to deal with allegations, but that is not where this couple goes. others who have relied on the official office have been known to disappear before they could file their petition. so, they go here instead. it is a website that gathers accusations against public officials. they take evidence so that the accused can be formally investigated. >> what we do can be dangerous. you have to be really committed. we are dancing on the tip of the blade. we have to be careful about not being bought or to jump into any traps. >> in 10 years, his group has filed 400 cases, 60% of which have been dealt with officially. the latest one, i high-profile case involving the vice chairman of parliament, now being investigated -. anticorruption campaigns in china are not new, but they have
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never really worked before. take upng has vowed to corruption. he has taken concrete steps to shows he means it. there are many others who feel the web provides a new level of transparency, which gives bloggers a certain protection while keeping pressure on the government to act on complaints. >> it does not mean less corruption now, but it means exposing it. you suppress anger too long, it will explode. now is a good time to let loose. >> government can do without anymore explosions. to satisfaction has led to growing unrest. overssatisfaction corruption has led to growing unrest. bloggers expect to be kept quite busy, at least until ordinary
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citizens feel they can file their complaints directly to the government. al jazeera, hong kong. >> over 40,000 south korean taxi drivers have taken part in a nationwide strike. there were mass protests after parliament rejected a law to classify them as public transport workers here the bill would have allowed them to receive much-needed subsidies -- workers. the bill would have allowed them to receive much-needed subsidies. the government does not have money in the budget. north korea has released a video showing u.s. soldiers in flames. -- u.s. soldiers and president barack obama in flames. patient -- negotiations are underway for stronger sanctions following north korea's word nuclear test -- third nuclear test. police have broken up the crowd.
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demonstrators were blocking a gate to a visitor center in melbourne. the visitor called on australia to ban immigration from other nations. u.s. vice president joe biden has urged americans not to use semiautomatic weapons for protection because shotguns would have the same deterrent effect gens intruders. biden is leading the administration's campaign to -- for stricter controls on firearms. >> what can we do that would not prevent you from exercising every right you have to defend yourself and, at the same time, engage in recreation or hunting or sporting activities that would not be eliminated -- limited by the elimination of that particular weapon? that is the balance. we can argue about where that
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balance is, but there is not any argument that the government can impact that balance. >> venezuela's president has visited hugo chavez. they met in the venezuelan capital on tuesday. chavez has been receiving cancer treatment for two months and received -- returned to venezuela on monday. he had not been seen in public since december. a group of politicians has met rollin castro in havana in -- role castro -- raul castro in havana. a u.s. contractor was accused of spying. negotiation since then have failed to free him -- negotiations since then have failed to free him. it looks like a ufo, but there is no cause for alarm. it is a prototype for a revolutionary type of airship. it is designed for areas that
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lack airports. >> is it a blimp, a plane, an alien spacecraft? it is none of the above. hidden inside of a cavernous hangar, the era craft designed to carry giant loads to remote destinations and rugged terrain where planes are unable to land. this gleaming silver behemoth is the brainchild of a former soviet and junior -- soviet engineered, who looks and sounds like he could play a mad scientist in a james bond movie . >> it is vertical transportation. >> he says the possible uses of the craft are nearly unlimited, from moving military supplies to transporting commercial goods to providing the met -- to
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providing disaster relief after earthquakes or hurricanes. it is being built with about $35 million provided by the u.s. military advanced research agency. just look at this thing. it is the norm us -- it is enormous. this is only a prototype here the real thing will be twice as big, --
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